A Girl's Guide to Fashion

Every girl should have a wardrobe that makes her feel confident and fabulous!

The best closet has a solid set of basics. Here I have listed out the 20 essential pieces I believe every girl should have! These pieces don't have to break the bank. Choose quality over quantity.

For gals on a budget, check out places like Macy's (amazing sales!) and Old Navy.

1. The Little Black Dress
The ultimate closet staple. You can go from presentation to happy hour within minutes in your LBD. This piece is a must have. Keep it simple and figure flattering. An A-line or wrap dress works with a variety of body shapes. Jazz it up with a cute, trendy, or bold necklace or belt!

Photo courtesy of Couture Colorado
2. A Classic Oxford Shirt in White
Every woman should have a well-fitted oxford shirt. You can throw this staple on with slacks, skirts and even jeans on casual Friday. When it comes to oxfords, you have to keep fit in mind. Not all are created equal.

Shirt can be found at Old Navy
3. Dark Wash Jeans
Much like the oxford shirt, dark wash jeans are not created equally. You may have to "kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince," but when you do, it will do wonders for your figure. In an office setting, try a modern cut from Ann Taylor Loft. These jeans provide you with a slimmer straight leg cut, but not quite a skinny. You are left with a polished professional look!

Photo courtesy of Ann Taylor Loft
4. Clutch
Perfect for an evening out with a client, the clutch should be in a neutral color. Try black, gray or brown.

Found at Ruby Lane
5. Black Pumps
This is the shoe equivalent to the LBD. A must have for any professional! When looking for your black pumps remember to choose a pair with a modest heel and ultra-comfortable.

Photo Courtesy of Amazon
 6. Nude Pumps
One of the most versatile pieces you can own is a pair of nude pumps. These will look great with jeans to skirts. Remember that fit and comfort are key when looking for any shoe!

Find these at Target

7. Flats
Always on the go, a PR girl can find comfort in a nice pair of flats! When looking at a pair of flats for the office, you should keep in mind that you should be able to pair them with most of the neutrals in your closet. This doesn't mean you should stick with boring flats. Try a fun animal print or perhaps these Kate Spade Tipsy flats:

Photo courtesy of Sassy Mama
8. Boots
Who doesn't love a great pair of black or brown boots? Look for a mid-heel leather boot in black or chocolate for a chic professional office look!

Photo courtesy of Amazon
9. A 2-Piece Business Suit
Although you may not wear this every day to the office, you will want to have a nice suit in your wardrobe just in case. Try a more modern fit to keep you relevant and not looking dowdy! A gray suit is a nice neutral option if you want to stray from the more traditional black. It is professional and modern and can be paired with a an array of colors.

Find at Express

10. Pearls
I couldn't do this list without mentioning my favorite accessory: PEARLS! I believe that every woman should have a nice set of pearl earrings and a necklace. You don't have to spend a fortune though; you can find nice faux sets without having to eat ramen for the next month! I recommend keeping it the classic pearl color, but if you are feeling a bit more bold try a pink pearl set.

Found at Zales
11. Pencil Skirt
A pencil skirt can work with or without a blazer and is a great staple piece in your closet! Try a skirt with a slight stretch to it for comfort. Pair with a tucked in blouse (in a print or solid) and belt for a great office outfit.

Find this at Express
12. A-Line Skirt
An A-line skirt is figure flattering for all body types. This is another great staple piece that can be paired with a fun blouse. Try this skirt in navy and pair with nude pumps like the picture here!

Found at Banana Republic
13. The Blazer
Oh, the blazer. This is one of my favorite pieces. I have two in my closet, one in navy, the other in black. You can pair a blazer with so many basic pieces to add instant class! When looking for a blazer look for little details that set it apart. Perhaps there is leather piping or exquisite button details, whatever you find, make sure the fit is well-tailored.

Photo courtesy of Ali Express
14. Everyday Bag
A basic everyday bag is a must. When looking for a bag, keep it professional. Look for neutral colors (you may want to grab a few in neutral colors) and clean lines. Avoid trendy styles and bright colors, think well-tailored and classic when choosing your bag!

Kate Spade
15. Accessories
Every PR girl should be mindful of her accessories. You can really show your personality through these items and incorporate some of the more trendy items into your style. I recommend investing in quality pieces that will last you for a while. Make sure to include sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, a nice watch, a scarf, cell phone case and so on.

Find these at Sunglass Hut
16. Basic Black & Gray Pants
Every professional needs a basic set of black and gray pants for everyday work wear. Try finding a modern fit that flatters your figure. As with any pants, you may have to try a lot on to find the perfect fit for your body type. Check out Gap and Banana Republic for lots of options!

Find at Banana Republic
17. Trench Coat in Khaki
A timeless piece that can be worn most of the year, the trench coat makes the list of essentials for any PR pro! Choose a neutral khaki color with a great fit! When looking for your perfect trench, make sure to try different lengths on to find the most flattering for your figure.

Theory for Neiman Marcus
18. Wool Coat
A nice, well-tailored wool coat is an investment piece. It will however, last you forever! Much like the blazer, look for coats that have fun details like leather trimmings, but remember to keep it classic. To keep in budget invest in a coat at the end of the season when things go on sale. Check out Macy's for great deals.

Calvin Klein at Macy's
19. Properly Fitted Underpinnings
The foundation of any outfit should be properly fitted undergarments. (Tip - don't forget to invest in some nicely fitted tank tops to wear under your shirts.) Take the time to have a sales associate fit you so you are wearing the correct size. Investing in quality undergarments are a must for any PR girl. While it is fun to have colorful and flowery garments, invest in some neutrals as well! Don't forget your shape wear! To smooth things out underneath your form fitting dress, try the Focused Firmers Adjustable Strap Slip from Spanx:

20. Accent Blouses
The last item on my list is not necessarily a staple, but an opportunity to show your personality - this is what can set you apart from the crowd! Keep in mind fabric, fit, and complementary colors for your skin tone  when choosing blouses. My favorites at the moment are sheer blouses that I can pair a neutral tank top underneath. For me it is all about the details when it comes to a perfect blouse!

Peony Lim

Do you have a must have item not listed here? Leave me a comment and tell me what it is....it might end up here on my list!