The Girl Behind the Blog

Welcome to The Writer's Atelier! 

My name is Erin Stephanie and these are my ramblings...

Ask me a few years ago and I would have told you I was headed down the path of public affairs or agency public relations work. As life would have it, I have been led down the path of integrated communications. I love being able to bring together various media channels and out-of-the-box communication ideas to create a powerful message for my clients. I believe in telling your brand's story - yes, your brand has a story, no matter what type of industry you are in. All done, of course, while not being limited to just one ideology.

My blog is a mix of ideas. I may be breaking every blog rule about finding your niche in the blogger-sphere, but I like to do things a bit differently. Sure, I write about content marketing and public relations, but I also infuse stories from my own life and something I call "pearls of encouragement." I am a person with a unique viewpoint, after all.

Fun Facts:
  • Portland State Alumna
  • Phi Sigma Sigma Alumna
  • Californian at heart
  • Lover of the South
  • Country music lover
  • Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer
  • Storyteller
  • Animal lover (can't wait to get my own puppy soon!!)
  • Strongly believe in building up young girls into women of character

About Me:

Favorite Book?
I have two favorites: Like Water for Chocolate and Lucia, Lucia. I have read each one about 10 times. My favorite PR book is Made To Stick.

A quote that sticks in your head?
"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth." - William W. Purkey

Favorite kind of music?
Probably country, but I also love 60's/70's singer songwriters! My favorite band is CCR.

Eye color?
Green. Well, they are more of a yellow green and in the sunlight look yellow.

Favorite foods?
Mexican food. Spaghetti. Pad Thai.

I have been to Brazil and all over the USA. I would really love to travel the world and experience cultures from a local perspective!

Favorite spot in the U.S.?
Lake Tahoe! One of the most amazing places you will ever visit. Go there. Seriously, go. My second favorite spot is Washington, D.C. - I went there for a leadership conference in 2011. It was there that I found my love for cupcakes, Georgetown Cupcakes that is. Feel free to send me some!

Bored. What do you do?
When I am bored, I love getting out of the house and heading over to the Portland Art Museum or the Oregon Historical Society. I love museums. My favorite museum is the National Museum of American History. Being able to see "The Star Spangled Banner" and all of the inauguration gowns is an experience that can't be topped! I am also a sucker for reality TV - really anything on TLC. They have me hooked!

Born and bred?
I was born and raised just outside of Los Angeles. Since then I have lived in Colorado and Oregon, where I attended college. I am currently living in Nashville, TN, where I landed an amazing internship this summer. I am definitely planning on staying in Nashville for a while!

Hardly. I play beginner piano. A future goal includes spending more time learning the piano and advancing beyond the basics! I also sing off-key and star in my own shower daily! I am pretty much a big deal.

Thoughts and opinions are my own. Have a question? Leave a comment.